Treadwell Gordon Whanganui

Whanganui Head Office

Tel. (06) 349 0555

Third Floor, Wairere House
Corner Somme Parade & Bates St
PO Box 4084, Whanganui 4541
DX PA87505

Monday - Friday: 8.30am – 5.00pm

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Treadwell Gordon Whanganui Office

The Whanganui team:

The Taihape team:

The Marton team:

The Feilding team:

The Ohakune team:

The Waverley team:

Simon Badger - Director, Treadwell Gordon

Simon Badger


Pétra Allen - Director at Treadwell Gordon

Pétra Allen


Richard Austin - Consultant, Treadwell Gordon

Richard Austin


James Coleman - Consultant, Treadwell Gordon

Jim Coleman


Michael van Delden - Consultant, Treadwell Gordon

Michael van Delden


Scott Oliver - Principal, Treadwell Gordon

Scott Oliver


Brittany Gibson - Principal, Treadwell Gordon

Brittany Gibson


Gary MacKenzie - Associate/Legal Executive, Treadwell Gordon

Gary MacKenzie

Associate/Legal Executive

Delaney Keightley-Phillips - Associate/Solicitor, Treadwell Gordon

Delaney Keightley-Phillipps


Jennifer Carrillo - Solicitor, Treadwell Gordon

Jennifer Carrillo


Georgia Bishop - Solicitor, Treadwell Gordon

Georgia Bishop


Samuditha Woodhead, Solicitor at Treadwell Gordon Whanganui

Samuditha Woodhead


Nicholas Fraser-Young - Solicitor, Treadwell Gordon

Nicholas Fraser-Young


Magnus Fraser - Solicitor, Treadwell Gordon

Magnus Fraser


Nicola Dixon - Registered Legal Executive, Treadwell Gordon

Nicola Dixon

Registered Legal Executive

Rebecca Corson - Registered Legal Executive, Treadwell Gordon

Rebecca Corson

Registered Legal Executive

Frances Slight - Registered Legal Executive, Treadwell Gordon Whanganui

Frances Slight

Registered Legal Executive

Briella Maua - Registered Legal Executive, Treadwell Gordon

Briella Maua

Registered Legal Executive

Hayley Lewis - Legal Executive, Treadwell Gordon

Hayley Lewis

Legal Executive

Lindsay Hobbs - Law Clerk, Treadwell Gordon

Lindsay Hobbs

Law Clerk

Grace Pepperell - Law Clerk, Treadwell Gordon

Grace Pepperell

Law Clerk

Susan Tasker - Administration Manager, Treadwell Gordon

Susan Tasker

Administration Manager

Karen Carroll - IT & Systems Co-ordinator, Treadwell Gordon

Karen Carroll

IT & Systems Co-ordinator

Jacqui Powell - Financial Manager at Treadwell Gordon

Jacqui Powell

Finance Manager

Nicola Gray - Legal Administration Clerk, Treadwell Gordon

Nicola Gray

Legal Administration Clerk

Linda Bardell - People & Compliance Manager, Treadwell Gordon

Linda Bardell

People & Compliance Manager