Treadwell Gordon litigation & dispute resolution legal services

Our smart-thinking, empathetic team of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers can help you enforce or defend your legal rights.

Every private or business case we deal with is different and our advice is founded on the unique set of circumstances of your claim.

Committed to ‘peeling back the curtains’ on driving forces of your case, we build a strong case strategy – one that leads to good outcomes, as quickly and economically as possible.

Better outcome

In taking a big-picture view, we’ll always explore alternatives to the conventional approach, that typically ends with a court trial.

Often, more predictable, speedier and cost-efficient outcomes can be achieved through the alternative dispute resolution process.

With convincing negotiation and mediation skills, our lawyers have a considerably high success rate at resolving claims outside the court environment.

Your court pillar

Some claims do need to be battled out in court and we can help you through this too.

Seasoned in dealing with complex legal issues in the context of court proceedings, we can represent you in all New Zealand courts and tribunals.

Litigation & dispute resolution legal services:

  • Commercial conflicts
  • Rural/agriculture disputes
  • Insurance-law issues
  • Company Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Building defects and construction disputes
  • Contractual claims
  • Shareholder, joint venture disputes
  • Trade practices and unfair trading disputes
  • Debt collection or recovery
  • Local government
  • Employment disputes
  • Family protection, paternity and testamentary promises
  • Relationship property disputes
  • Protection of personal and property rights
  • Trade practices and unfair trading disputes
  • Criminal law
  • Traffic offences

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